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Empowerment is a gift you give yourself. I am here as a guide and mentor to help you on your financial wellness journey, and I'm so happy you are here!

It is impossible for me to give you empowerment, but when you allow other people to help you become the best version of yourself - that changes everything. Starting a financial journey is a big step, and I am here to help you every step of the way. 

Have you ever wondered how you will ever pay off debt or retire by 67? Tired of books or podcasts that are boring, unhelpful, or confusing? Tired of hearing you have to give up Netflix, coffee, and fun?

​You've probably read other blogs and books where people mention saving $100,000 by 27 or buying four homes by 30. While that may be great for them, it isn't realistic or relatable to you. 

I'm from the MySpace and AOL generation where if I wanted information I had to go to the library or wait for dial-up internet to connect to get it. My understanding of personal finance didn't start until college and beyond, and yours likely didn't either.

No age is 'too late' to begin one's financial wellness journey. I share my real-life experience and the stumbling blocks as I learned to invest and manage my finances.

​Managing your money does not require a four-year degree or a ton of reading. Here are simple, practical techniques for managing your finances. Money is energy, and once we let go of what is holding us back, we can begin to move forward.

With the mindset that money flows freely and is abundant, combined with steps for responsible financial management, we can gain control and feel empowered about our financial future.

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Hi! I'm Kelsey, and I'm so glad you're here

A small-town Midwestern girl who, through trial and error, figured out how to grow my net worth and take control of my finances.  I'm here to offer wisdom into what worked for me, what didn't, and to help you feel empowered no matter your background so that we all can succeed and feel empowered with our financial future.

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The ideas, concepts and opinions expressed are my own for educational purposes, and nothing on this site is to take the place of licensed help or financial advice. All choices and decisions are of your own personal responsibility and I will not be held liable for any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. Please consult a Certified Financial Advisor if you have questions related to your specific financial situation.

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