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Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Welcome to Empowered Financial Wellness - I am so glad you're here.

In the past year, our physical and mental health has been front and center as we battle against a global pandemic, and the wealth disparity has become even more apparent. While politicians are discussing stimulus payments and minimum wage increases, the time to take a serious look into our finances is now if we haven't already.

Yet many of us aren't taking a look.


For fear of what we will find.

Because we don't know where to start. We're overwhelmed.

We think we'll never get it under control and think "why bother?"

Laziness (because - so many shows on Netflix).

Waiting on an inheritance.

Hoping to marry rich (hey, a girl can dream).

In our we-want-it-now same-day delivery culture, we want steps that can be executed in a day and will deliver results now. But unless we win the lottery or strike gold, the world doesn't operate that way.

To good answer: We don't need a four-year financial accounting degree to feel in control of our money, nor do we need to read every book available.

Here we will find practical, simple steps for managing our finances. Bite-size digestible nuggets that take only a few minutes to do, and can put us years ahead of our neighbors.

On the "Downloads" page are free resources and workbooks for getting started. On the 'Resources' page are some of my favorite third-party tools, books, and blogs that inspire me.

Subscribe, head over to the latest on Instagram, and get ready to feel empowered to take action for your financial future.


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